Since 2004, Adrana has drawn its inspiration at the heart of the Loire Valley and its castles. Having a passion for heroic-fantasy, the quintet designs its personal and fantastic universe, at the crossroads of music, literature and theatre.
The story of Adrana brings us to the struggle of a young warrior princess to conquer her fallen realm through a fascinating musical mix midway between metal and opera. An epic and fantasy world illustrated by an effective opera metal combining progressive metal, heavy metal and classical music enhanced by the lyrical voice of Anaé.

After the released of The Tower Of Frozen Tears in 2006, followed by Perturbatio, the first album, released in 2008, Adrana obtained a promising success in France.
This album didn’t and does not let the medias indifferent. Broadcasted on twenty radios and reviewed in fifty magazines and webzines, Perturbatio has been congratulated many times by French and international medias. The European magazine Metallian indicates that Adrana is « a serious hope in the genre that really has a future », and the webzine Leprozy says that Adrana « introduces here THE opera singer that the French Metal had to have ».

The released of the second album, The Ancient Realms, in September 21st 2011 by Brennus Music (a french label) marks a new point in the career of the band who claim its artistic originality and its popularity to french and international public as webzine Les éternels says: « The only thing I want to say after listening to The Ancient Realms,is that we finally got a major french band in female voice metal ! »

legroupeAdrana is also a spectacular live adventure! Nearly a hundred gigs and festivals given throughout France: Lyon to Strasbourg via Nantes, Evreux, Brest, Paris, etc. Adrana also shared the stage with Patrick Rondat, the renowned guitarist, Renaud Hantson, Kells, Markize. In 2012, Adrana plays with the Tunisian metal band Myrath during their French tour and is nominated « Best Band of the Year » by the webzine « »
Indeed, it is on stage that the band truly develops its full potential. Dressed in medieval costumes, the five musicians design their musical universe in a theatrical way to catch the viewers in the sensitive and intriguing atmosphere of the myths and legends of the princess Adrana. Comfortable in the acoustic version as amplified version, the band has won an especially wide audience: children, adolescents, adults, everyone fall under the spell of this professional and friendly band!

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